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Guide to streamlining recruitment, increase retention, and enhance the candidate experience.

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Serving as an extension of your internal talent acquisition team, the right RPO will improve time to hire and talent acquisition management, ensuring efficiency and optimal results.

What makes Eastridge different?

  1. Long-term process management
  2. Valuable partnerships
  3. Proactive hiring strategies
  4. Customizable team structure

In this guide, we review what data points your RPO vendor should be tracking, the level of reporting visibility that must be provided, how a team structure might look, and the benefits of choosing an optimal RPO solution.

With strategic recruitment management programs and comprehensive staffing solutions, we make it easy for our clients to attract top talent and manage a diverse workforce.


More About Eastridge

Established in 1972, Eastridge Workforce Solutions is an employee-owned provider of full-service talent acquisition and management solutions for companies globally.

Ranked as a top professional recruiting firm by Forbes, 2021’s top talent acquisition vendor by OnConferences, and in the top 1% of firms by SIA, Eastridge proudly helps over 20,000 associates find jobs annually across the globe.

Eastridge drives talent acquisition, cost reduction, compliance, and visibility for companies that integrate their contingent workforce ecosystem with our core five services: professional recruiting, volume recruiting, payrolling, MSP/VMS, and RPO.

With strategic, comprehensive staffing solutions, we make it easy to attract and retain top talent and manage a skilled workforce.

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